Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drumheller Dreaming

Oh hello there!

I thought that since it's hovering around -30c where I am, I would share some of my photos from our trip to Drumheller this past summer!  I really wish we weren't in the middle of a deep freeze right now.  I miss summer hard.

All of these were shot on our Yashica TLR camera on 120mm film.  It's become my favourite camera to work with.  I love shooting manually, and now that I have a light metering app on my phone I can take my camera anywhere and not worry about shitty photo quality.

PS:  I was having issues with my scanner up until today, hence my delay with posting this.


This last photo is of the Atlas Coal Mine, which is east of Drumheller.  We had a little tour there which wasn't as good as we had hoped.  Oh well.

I love the colours in these photos so much.  I should really get my butt outside when it's not so cold out and take more photos.  



  1. Wow, that last picture is breathtaking! I love the 4th one too, absolutely gorgeous! Great pictures Erin! Lots of exclamation points!

  2. He looks like a suave archaeologist, haha!!

  3. Did you go up the tipple? We rode the little mine cart for our tour, and our guide was hilarious so we had a good time. I was wearing mittens then, but at least I couldn't see my breath! Stay warm today!!

  4. Cool. Those photos turned out great. Looks alot like the badlands. What is this ap you speak of?

  5. Do you remember that ferry from when we were in Elementary School? Dude, I helped you get across that ferry in an almost spiritual way. Because we were bus buddies on that trip. I think we had our little animals from McDonalds. I think there was a ninja koala involved.

  6. Love your shirt! Awesome photos!

  7. So amazing!! Alex


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