Monday, November 25, 2013

I Think I'm Done With My Internet Break. Also...Selling Online?

Hi gang!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  I've been reading through old blog posts, following some of my favourite blogs still, and I keep thinking....why in the world have I stopped blogging?  Even more, why did I start in the first place?  I guess I feel like I've been in a creative slump lately.  I keep thinking I've become pretty boring (although that's really not the case!) so why on earth would I write a post?

Well, I think I'm done with that.  I miss the interactions with fellow bloggers.  I mean, this medium is how I've met some amazing folks in the first place! So here I am, writing my first post in a few weeks, feeling a sense of renewal.  Maybe it's the whole "Christmas spirit" thing taking over for me, but Goddamn...I miss you blogosphere.

Also, I've had little thoughts pop in and out of my head with regards to my photography.  Over the past couple of months I've been asked by a few people if they could somehow get prints of my rural exploration photos.  That got me thinking...maybe I can reopen my Etsy shop again and focus on Rural Exploration photography.  It's a long shot, who knows if anyone would even want prints like these, so I'm still up in the air about it.  Maybe Society6 is a better this point I'm not sure.  I'd love to hear your thoughts though.

(I should really get my butt in gear and share my Ghost Town Road Trip photos with you guys.  My bad.)

It feels good to be writing on here again.

Hope you're doing well!



  1. DO IT. I miss your posts! I love that you explore abandoned places and you're pretty good at it. You're honest and real and that's something that's not seen in the blogging world.

  2. Heyyyy there friend! Glad to see you writing again :)

    In terms of the photo-selling, like I said on Instagram, go for it you want to try it! I have tried to sell on Etsy before without much success, but I didn't market very much. If you're really into it I think you could get further. :)

  3. Welcome back! I didn't blog for months too but since having started slowly getting back in to it it feels good. Would love to see your ghost town road trip photos! Hope you have a great week. :)

  4. welcome back! the photos are gorgeous and you should totally try it! I have heard that Etsy has it's pros and cons (recently more sellers have been grumbling... i've heard anyway).

  5. come back to the dark side, erin. come back to blogging :evil cackle:

    but seriously, glad you're back :) & congrats on the inquiries about your photos!


  6. Welcome back, darlin'! Missed you, but I understand the need to step away for a bit sometimes. Either way, you're not boring - just write whatever you feel like and it'll be awesome.

  7. It's probably that all your creative energy has been going into your work, I saw that you were learning director stuff lately ... I always find when I have busy times at work or am learning new skills I never feel like blogging.

  8. welcome back :) I love your photos, I was just thinking today I should go for a walk with my camera, maybe tomorrow :) x

  9. Love the seconed photo! I think it's all a good idea. But do consider all your options for reopening your shop. I use storenvy and like it but you don't get the traffic flow of etsy. Though about goung back to etsy but honestly I'm not really happy with how much so many shops are charging for their products. Vintage tees are like $100 and a simple small banner with one color text was like $45.

  10. Hey! Great to see you back here. And know that you've been missed. Also, I suck at the whole blogging thing these days as well, so don't feel too bad.

    Oh... and coming to visit!?! Yes, please.

  11. I am glad to hear that you're planning on blogging regularly again! I'll still be here ready to read!

  12. Welcome back Erin! Your photography is beautiful, I think there would definitely be a market for that!


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