Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Doppleganger

For quite a long time now I've joked about dressing up as someone I know for Halloween.  Years I've been tempted to do this.  I would think to myself, "Wouldn't it be hilarious to just come into work one day, acting naturally, looking exactly like someone you know and catch them off guard?"

Maybe I'm just crazy.  Meh.

Well, this year I dressed up like my coworker.

A month before Halloween I had this idea planted in my head.  All I needed was some sort of a bald cap, an oddly patterned button up shirt, and a 'stache.  Easy, right?

Well, not so easy as it turned out. I'm terrible at putting on bald caps, so I had to resort to this half mask/male pattern baldness set up which worked out pretty well.  The hair on it, however, was grey, so I ended up PAINTING it a brownish colour with acrylic paint.  Real hair dye wouldn't work since it's all plastic and junk.  And as for the shirt, I had to hunt around Value Village for one that would actually fit me.  It cost $10.  DAMN YOU OVERPRICED USED GOODS.

Anyways, the costume was a hit.  I lasted almost all day in the outfit until just before show time, and then I got tired of it.  Or rather, my moustache fell off and I just looked even more ridiculous and couldn't handle it anymore.

Next year I plan on dressing up as someone else in the news room...I just have to decide who now.




  1. that is hilarious! I love original fancy dress outfits

  2. Love it. I dressed up as my husband one year and people still talk about it. And it drives me crazy that seconed hand stores, especially charity shops charge so much.

  3. i love it! we actually drew names at work and dressed up like each other. it was pretty fun!

  4. You make me giggle. This is truly the best!


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