Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip 2012 & Call for Guest Posts!

Yup, Raimund and I are going on a road trip!  What can I say, I love exploring our "backyard".  This year Raimund and I bought a Living Social Escapes deal for a Bed and Breakfast on Vancouver Island.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!  We're both stoked as we love the coast.  It'll be my second time seeing the ocean, and hopefully I'll be able to meet this awesome dame.

Seems like the "thing" to do on the island is whale watch.  "So many motherfucking whales in this motherfucking ocean." - quote by yours truly.

I got all these pamphlets from this site.  I honestly didn't expect to get this many, but it was a nice surprise getting the package in the mail.  Also if you have any suggestions on places to check out on Vancouver Island, let us know!  We have 10 days to explore.

Seeing as I'll be mostly offline for 10 days, I'm turning to you for guest posts!  Have a fun story to share?  A recipe, an outfit post, photography tips or a thrifted treasure?  I'd love to feature you!  Drop me an e-mail at eeegadserin AT gmail DOT com and let's get something set up. 

Has anyone else started planning their summer vacations?  I'm taking my vacation early this year as I'm lower on the totem pole at work, which means others with seniority get first pick with their vacation time (mostly summer).  Hopefully I can take a week off in the summer too to take Ben to Drumheller.  The boy likes dinosaurs!

Later gators!



  1. yay drumheller!!!!
    i think it's great that most people in the blogosphere have never been to drumheller while i've been there like 50 million times. is that pretentious of me?

  2. Yeah..what a great road trip you have planned..I think there must be so much to see/do out on the coast!

    We have not done a road trip in so long..last time was to Drumhellar (lol..can you believe it!!)..then was such a great trip :)


  3. EEEP! That's me! I am so excited! :)

  4. Id love to do a guest post again if you'll have me :) x

  5. That's awesome and I can't wait to see some pictures! :)
    I'd love to guest post, if interested I can E-Mail you!

  6. that sound like fun...cant wait to see more picture too.

  7. Awesome! I am excited to guest blog. Maybe I'll do a post about 110 format shooting... if that is okay...

  8. I stayed in Tofino for a long weekend and I loved it there! The best things was taking a kayak over to Meares Island and to just walk on the beaches for hours! You'll have fun for sure, whatever you do!

  9. We're headed to the island this summer for our "summer vacation" as well. I'm hoping to have as low-key a vacation as possible with lots of eating and wandering!


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