Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey kids!  It's time for Folklore Friday!  This week I wanted to share a website that I use to "haunt" many years ago.

When my dad first moved into his house when I was in college, we were convinced his house was haunted.  There was always weird creaks around the house and the feeling of being watched in the kitchen.  He had the back of his couch in the living room facing the stairs to the front door, and every time I'd sit down in it I got the feeling that someone was going to come up behind me and bludgeon me in the back of the head.  I've NEVER had that feeling anywhere else.  Creepy, right?

Well, some days I'd be alone at his house and of course I would end up creeping myself out more by looking up different ghost and paranormal websites.  The main website I would always check out was Ghost Study.  It has a fantastic gallery of photos people submit in which they believe they caught a ghost on film/with digital cameras.  I LOVE LOOKING THROUGH THESE.  Some of them are so freaky.

Here's a sampling for your viewing pleasure.

The girl in the top left has no lower body.  Look closely.

I wanted to post more, but you'll just have to check out that site and see for yourself.  They also post fake ghost photos as well, which is kinda cool.  I'm somewhat skeptical with ghost photos, so it's neat to see them be upfront and say "Yeah, this is fake, but we'll post it anyways for the hell of it."

Find any photos that creeped you out?  Link me!

Later gators!



  1. I always love this sort of thing!
    However I always get dissappointed when I watch a show on NGC about it because they stretch them so long and it never leads up to anything.
    I love the stories though and these pictures are really cool!

  2. We were having a conversation about ghosts and junk when I went camping last weekend and our friend Luke shared a freakkyyyyy youtube video. It's called Ghost in the Cupboard. Check it out!

  3. i have seen a ghost -- and the last photo is the best representation of what i saw -- only it was a man.

    oddly, seeing the actual ghost didnt creep me out as much as the voices, noises, sense of being watched, and actually being touched that led up to it.

    those photos are awesome -- i have tons of orbs shots that i have caught by luck and some amazing ones from a seance i attended.

    i loveeee the supernatural!

  4. Definitely creepy. I'm just going to tell myself someone edited them, to make sure I sleep tonight. ;)


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